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James and Kate have recorded their secrets to how they keep in shape. Both qualified personal trainers will show you how to burn fat, get ripped, bulk up and add mass.

What makes us so different

James and Kate both share a passion for fitness and wanted to share the knowledge they have picked up over the years. They have partnered with the world’s most advanced virtual system created by Las Vegas-based company, LightSpeed VT. This has revolutionized the workout DVD as we know it – for the first time, you will be able to interact with James and Kate and work out at your own pace. They will also be tracking your progress and making sure you don’t slack. Join now to experience the future of fitness.

BodySculpt VT

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Use BodySculpt VT to get maximum gains from your James GS Fitness supplements.

Add Mass

Courses to get the most from your mass gainers

Get Ripped

Learn how to make the most out of our diet whey

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Circuit Training

Utilize your GS Nuked the workout by following James’ explosive circuits

Burn Fat

Specific courses that work in conjunction with the James GS Fat Burners

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Whatever your goals,
we have it covered.

We have training videos to suit every fitness goal – whatever you want to build, strip or tone.

Training Topics Include:
  • Add Mass
  • Get Ripped
  • Home Workout
  • Circuit Training
  • Diet and Nutrition

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Gain access to all of James and Kate’s video-based interactive workouts, kind of like a workout DVD but much better! Experience fitness in a way never seen before. You will also receive all the latest workouts throughout the year.

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£1999 / year

Receive all the expert advice from James, gain access to all of his tips that got him into shape, and interact with James one-on-one.

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